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As a recruitment platform, we

strive to bridge the gap of the supply and demand of creative professionals who are the pillars of digital brands today.


Much like most creative ideas are born, Osmo started out as a scribble on my whiteboard. Having worn the shoes of a freelance graphic designer as well as a marketing professional hiring designers, I witnessed a yawning gap between recruiters and creative professionals. To bridge the same, I decided to build Osmo: an assimilation of creative ideas and people who come together to build groundbreaking realities. Today, I welcome you to join our evolving community of thought leaders, self believers, and creative doers.

Rhea Agrawal

(Founder at Osmo)

Work with Osmo

We believe in working smart instead of working hard and long. Our employees enjoy a healthy-work-life balance, alongside a positive work environment. Osmo encourages forward-thinkers and problem solvers who are passionate about building connections and fostering creative collaborations. If you resonate with our mission, apply to work with us today!

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